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Attention Canadian Recruiters…
Discover How Your Peers Are Learning to Bust 8 Hiring Myths and Save Their Firms Thousands of Dollars

Can you think of some of the world’s greatest “myth busters”? How about Christopher Columbus busting the myth, “The world is flat.” Or Wilbur and Orville Wright busting the myth, “Man can’t fly”?

In the same way, many Canadian employers and recruiters are learning how to bust hiring myths that say it’s impossible or too difficult to hire white-collar, university-educated professionals from outside of Canada. And in the process, they are beginning to gain access to some of the most brilliant IT experts, engineers, project managers, business analysts and other professionals in the entire world.

Canadian hiring myth-busters also save their companies money by finding and hiring talent faster to fill open positions, saving their firms up to $954 per day in lost productivity.

Register for the web conference today to learn how you can bust seven other myths and join your peers who are learning to gain a talent competitive advantage for their firms.