One of Kind Technology

Unless you’re an IT expert, the following terms won’t mean much to you: SCALA, MongoDB, Node JS, Grunt or AWS.

They mean everything to us.

You see, the founders of SI are technology pioneers and experts. They know you can have the best vision and the best team, but without the best technology backing them up, you don’t have much.

The reason SI can offer employers, job seekers and immigration candidates so much for such a great value is the technology.

We know there’s little chance our website will crash, your skills assessment will be lost, your resume misplaced or your personal information compromised. We’ve invested a lot to ensure a smooth, easy online experience. Because we’re global, our technology never sleeps. It’s always “on.”

And because technology is always evolving to something different, bigger and better, our IT engineers are constantly working to make sure our system is continually updated with the latest innovations.

What does this mean to you? It’s all part of our being your trusted partner. After all, you’re trusting us with your dreams of a new life and a better job. In turn, we must make every effort to ensure our technology never fails you. Ever.