Let’s be honest. The competition for top global talent is extreme. Hundreds, even thousands of applicants apply for the best jobs. Without something to set you apart, you have little hope of being selected for an interview, much less being hired.

That’s why being Ready4EmploymentSM certified gives you a very powerful advantage over the competition. It sets you apart from virtually every other candidate and helps move your application to the top. Here’s how it works:

1. You complete your skills assessment using our exclusive web technology that’s programmed to bring out every detail of your background, knowledge, skills, experience and abilities.
2. Highly trained career assessors closely examine your information and determine if there are skills areas that need improvement. If there are, they will prepare a customized online training program to help you become proficient in those areas.
3. You then will work with SkillsInternational’s learning partner to complete your proficiency training.
4. When you complete the training, and pass your skills assessment and SI’s highly detailed background check, you will be certified as Ready4EmploymentSM!
5. When an employer sees that you have earned SI’s Ready4EmploymentSM certification, you should have a greater chance of being hired. Why? Because the hiring decision is de-risked. The employer is more confident that you would be the best hire!