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“I am really happy that you offered to follow up my applications with the employers. The detailed resume review and the enhancements you provided has improved my resume and targeting towards Canadian employers. I appreciate your advice to go through Perfect Interview to improve my interview skills and my language as well”

“I am glad to inform you that I am now employed at Whirlpool. I thank you for all the help and support that I received from you in my job search”

“I am writing you this email to thank you for all you have done to help me draft my resume as per the market standards. I as a newcomer to this country was not so well aware of the acceptable standard of resume in the market. It was you who guided me through this”

“I am really impressed with your professional attitude and dedication to your work. I attended a few community meetings and seminars. The guidance you provided is also helpful but your approach is more result-oriented. Thank you for your guidance and instant support”

“I would inform you that I get a job offer from March of Dimes last week. Without your support and advice I could not get through the resume screening and interview. Again I would express my appreciation to find a job place for my career”

“Thank you very much for being my referee. I am very happy to inform you that I am able to secure the position you referred for me at Ministry of Transportation. Your Perfect Interview tool helps me lot for my interview. Thank you once again for your outstanding help”

“First of all I would like to thank you again for the opportunity you gave me to have an interview. I also would like to inform you that today-July 9th. I had an interview face to face with the Director of R&D the Director of Quality operations the Senior Vice President and the CEO. Everything was very good. They are very friendly and professional people; they also showed me their facility which was very interesting. Thank you and best regards”

“I just want let you know that I did very well in the first interview and they will answer me in the next week for a second interview or direct hiring. Thanks for helping and advising me in locating my search target and continuing in the same career that I had before. Also helping me in fixing my resume has a great part in getting this interview. Thank you from my deepest heart”

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